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  1. Warning for Emirate tourists. Overstay on visit visas in UAE can lead to blacklisting and fines.
  2. Steps to resolve overstaying or absconding charges.
  3. Importance of complying with visa regulations to avoid legal issues and blacklisting.

APRIL 2023 URGENT UPDATE: Tourists in the UAE are warned not to overstay visit visas as travel agents say even a day's overstay could lead to blacklisting and absconding charges. Visitors with expired visas are urged to exit the country as soon as possible to avoid being banned from entering the UAE and other GCC countries.

Charged tourists can be arrested by the police, as absconding is a criminal offense. To exit the country, charged tourists should contact the agent who processed their visa and pay the relevant fine so the absconding case can be withdrawn from the portal. This will allow the visitor to receive an outpass to exit the country.

It is advisable to constantly communicate with your sponsor and keep a reminder of your visa expiry date to avoid deportation. A reminder on your phone or calendar can help you avoid missing the expiry date.

If you have been charged with absconding or overstaying your visit visa in the UAE, do not panic.

Here's a quick guide to help you resolve and minimize the impact on your future travel plans and opportunities.

Step 1: Call for Expert help
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Complying with visa regulations is crucial to avoid legal issues and blacklisting. In case of any issues, Amer QuickPlus is here to assist you in resolving the matter and minimizing the impact on your future travel plans and job opportunities.