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QuickPlus Amer Center, Dubai

Amer QuickPlus is a government-approved Amer center and one of Dubai’s main government service providers. AMER services in Dubai are well-versed in the ins and outs of UAE legislation on business incorporation, having partnered with government officials and agencies in the United Arab Emirates. We provide a one-stop-shop for business setup services, trade licenses, and visa needs. We will assist you with paperwork to company formation to all government services under one roof, and we make it quick!.

Continuing our commitment as trusted partner for businesses & residents of the UAE, QuickPlus stands among the top Amer Centers in Dubai. We are experts in tedious applications & our experience ensures smooth and timely procedures. For quick official Government processes, we have Amer service experts for Emirates ID and Visa processing. In addition, we are highly recommended to assist workers & laborers with Tawjeeh and Tasheel services. QuickPlus is the go-to place for those dealing with absconding, overstay fees, or immigration issues.

We hold a record in swiftly resolving absconding cases, significantly reduced overstay penalties, and issuing prompt exit passes. Moreover, with a strong legal team and our close ties and understanding of the local law enforcement and governmental procedures, even legal and police related matters become a breeze to handle.

Whether you are a business owner looking to expand in the UAE or an individual seeking government services, Come to Amer QuickPlus with your needs, and experience efficiency and customer satisfaction.


The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

Emirates ID Services

Emirates ID is the identification card that is provided for a resident individual or citizen of the United Arab Emirates. Emirates ID is issued by the Emirates Identification Authority (EIDA) and requires a proper application procedure. Amer QuickPlus helps you to apply for your Emirates ID accurately and easily for faster processing. Get any Emirates ID services in Dubai including new applications, EID renewal, data updating, etc.

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UAE Legal Services

Navigating the complex legal landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can be challenging without professional guidance. This is precisely where expert legal services in the UAE come into play. Whether you are setting up a new business, managing property transactions, or seeking resolution in civil disputes, securing knowledgeable legal counsel is paramount. An experienced legal team can help clients decode these complexities, ensuring compliance with local regulations and statutes. This includes services ranging from drafting contracts that align with UAE law to representing clients in court. So, whether you are a local entrepreneur or an international investor, aligning with the right legal services in the UAE is not just advisable – it is imperative.

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A businessman in a suit successfully finishes the paperwork to setup his business in Dubai.

Business Setup Services

Business setup in UAE is the current favorite trend among the majority of expats coming to Dubai. Amer QuickPlus helps in making the experience much easier for you if you are also looking to set up your business in Dubai. We provide all kinds of business setup services in Dubai such as Mainland , Free Zone , and Offshore business setup services. Start a business affordably and easily with QuickPlus Amer Center in Dubai.

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Visa Services in UAE

Visiting, residing, or transiting to the UAE? Visa services will be your main requirement. In other words, availing professional visa services with an expert team is necessary for making the process easier, faster, and affordable. We provide visiting, employment, and family visa services in Dubai. This includes visa cancellation, visa renewal, visa extension, and new visa application. Talk to our experts today for your visa requirements.

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Tasheel Services

Tasheel services are created by the Dubai government under the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. It is proposed to improve the accessibility and ease to avail UAE government services. Tasheel services can be availed through government-authorized service providers like QuickPlus Amer Center in Dubai. Through our services, you can make the process completed in less time and at an affordable budget.

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Statistics for the economic development of Dubai being studied for providing quality Department of Economic Development services

DED Services

DED, the acronym for the Department of Economic Development, Dubai. It is the responsible authority for all business and license-related procedures in the Dubai Emirate. DED services are what acts as a stepping stone to the economic empowerment of Dubai, which is why we promise to deliver the best of quality. Complete any of the DED services required for your business at QuickPlus Amer government transaction center Al Qusais.

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Why Us?

Why QuickPlus Amer Center?

We offer a variety of Amer services with the goal of developing the greatest service delivery system and offering exceptional customer service. Undoubtedly, our skilled staff can assist you with all of your government service needs, including a Dubai resident visa, company formation Dubai, and other Amer visa services.

In the last few years, businesses have come to depend on us for our expertise, quality, and customer service. We have worked with startups, freelancers, government agencies, and business owners from a range of industries to help them operate smoothly.

When you work with us, you can count on personalized attention every step of the way. We earn your trust by being quick, efficient & transparent. We earn your respect by giving priority to your time, money & efforts saved. We built our reputation on quality client service.

Our clients & their appreciative words are solid proof of all the different ways we have eased & created a stress-free environment for Emiratis to collaborate, work, and succeed.

  • Industry Experience
  • Money's worth
  • Trusted by leaders
  • Multilingual experts
  • Transparency in work
  • Customer-first approach
  • Personalized assistance
  • Quick Process
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What Makes Our Amer Center Unique?

Access everything under one roof from business setup to Tawjeeh services for your employees, visa processing, Emirates ID applications, Legal advice & even Tasheel paperwork without the need to rush from one center to another.

Known as one of Dubai No.1 Amer centers we offer a premium level of convenience and efficiency without you having to break your bank. We specialize in simplifying the often complex process of Company formation in Dubai.

This all-at-one-place model is not just about convenience, it is about empowering you with the resources and expertise you need to be among the ranks of successful leaders in the UAE. We take great pride in being your trusted partner.

So, when you visit us, you are entering a world of solutions that simplify your life. Business setup, Tawjeeh, Tasheel, Visa, Emirates ID services, Legal & more are all accessible in one place – our Amer center QuickPlus.

With Amer QuickPlus, you can get free doorstep pickup and delivery for your documents. Above all, we handle all of your documents and personal data with top security and ensure speedy delivery anywhere in the world.

Our services are easy, fast, and extremely affordable for you. Get all of your requirements related to resident visas in Dubai, and other visa-related services completed under one roof with us.

The expert consultation that can solve any of your doubts and queries related to Amer services in Dubai. Talk to the professionals and find out what assistance can give the best results for your requirements.

Customer satisfaction is our aim, and we provide all-around live support. This ensures that your feedback is heard, valued, and taken into account. Also, get answers to any related queries by talking with our team.

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Our Strategy

Company Formation Dubai Process

With the assistance of Dubai Business Setup Experts - QuickPlus, business formation in Dubai is quick and easy. We have the expertise and knowledge to assist clients in structuring their business across the UAE per their requirements. Dubai business setup can be done with us in four simple but necessary steps:



A procedure that involves document verification by a competent authority. Only some administrative and government entities in the UAE have the power to authenticate documents.


Acquiring Business License

After completing the legal processes, investors can get a business license through the economic departments’ service centers with whom we have years of work relationships.


Visa Process

Securing a visa in the UAE involves rigorous documentation. Moreover, you must know all the legal procedures for error-free processing in procuring this visa. That's where we come in. You should connect with the visa consultants at QuickPlus.


Set Up Bank Account

QuickPlus provides you all the banking assistance you need while starting your company in the UAE. Be it assistance for bank account opening or for bank guarantee, we can help you.

Lay Foundation to Your Company Formation UAE Today!

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Some Words From Our Clients!

"My visa and Emirates ID processes were a breeze, all thanks to QuickPlus. Their professionalism and prompt responses are commendable."

Carlos Martinez, Spain

"As an expatriate setting up a business in Dubai, I was clueless. But Amer QuickPlus took all my worries away, guiding me every step of the way. Kudos!"

Priya Narayan, India

"Overstay fine reduction is a life-saver! QuickPlus really understands our challenges and goes above and beyond to help out."

Fatima Al-Zahra, Egypt

"From insurance to Tawjeeh services, Amer QuickPlus is the one-stop solution for all expatriates in Dubai. Highly recommended!"

Keira O'Reilly, Ireland

"Getting a visa in Dubai seemed daunting, but QuickPlus made it feel like a walk in the park. They truly know their stuff."

Lillian Mwangi, Kenya

"I was pleasantly surprised by the fast services of QuickPlus. Their team ensures that every requirement, big or small, is met with perfection."

Anton Petrov, Russia

"From start to finish, the Amer QuickPlus team was there to assist me with my visa process. Such dedication is rare to find."

Grace Kim, South Korea

"Getting caught in absconding removal issues can be tough. I'm thankful to QuickPlus for their expert handling of my situation."

Luca Moretti, Italy

"I was in awe of how quick and efficient the exit permit services of Amer QuickPlus were. They're true to their name."

Isabella Becker, Germany

"Amer QuickPlus's commitment to excellence is evident in their Tawjeeh services. As a businessman, this was of great help."

Zhang Wei, China

"Overstay fines can be daunting. But with QuickPlus Amer center, it was a breeze. They provided guidance every step of the way."

William O'Connor, Ireland

"From Tawjeeh services to professional advice, QuickPlus has been a beacon of support. Every entrepreneur in Dubai should consider them."

Mohammed Patel, India

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If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

QuickPlus Amer Centre is a leading service provider specializing in business setup, visa assistance, insurance services, emirates ID processing, legal consultations, immigration guidance, absconding removal, overstay fines reduction, issuing exit permits, and Tasheel and Tawjeeh services.

QuickPlus assists entrepreneurs and businesses in setting up their operations in the region, handling everything from initial documentation, legal processes, registration, to finalizing all essential requirements ensuring a seamless business launch.

Yes, QuickPlus provides comprehensive visa services, aiding in visa application, renewal, and other related matters, ensuring compliance with local immigration norms.

Absolutely. QuickPlus Amer Centre offers insurance advisory and solutions tailored to individual and corporate needs, ensuring optimum coverage and value.

QuickPlus Amer Centre facilitates the entire process of obtaining or renewing an Emirates ID, guiding clients through the necessary documentation, application, and receipt of the ID.

QuickPlus offers a range of legal services, including legal consultations, documentation, representation, and advice on local regulations and compliance.

The center has experts specializing in immigration matters who can guide you through processes, regulations, and provide solutions to any immigration challenges you face.

Absconding removal is the process of clearing an individual's record if they're mistakenly reported as absconding. QuickPlus assists clients in navigating this process, ensuring a clear and compliant status.

If you've overstayed your visa, QuickPlus Amer Centre can guide you through the available channels to reduce or even eliminate the overstay fines, ensuring you resolve the matter compliantly.

Yes, QuickPlus Amer Centre facilitates the issuance of exit permits for individuals, ensuring they can leave the country without any legal complications.

Tasheel and Tawjeeh are government-affiliated centers providing various services, including labor-related processes. QuickPlus Amer Centre offers assistance in navigating and utilizing Tasheel and Tawjeeh services effectively.

QuickPlus is renowned for its effective and efficient services, vast experience, and unparalleled expertise in all the sectors it operates within.

Absolutely. QuickPlus assists in visa renewals, ensuring timely submission and adherence to the required procedures and documentation.

QuickPlus collaborates with several reputed insurance providers, offering clients a wide range of choices to meet their specific needs.

While the timeframe can vary based on specific requirements and situations, QuickPlus ensures the fastest and most efficient service for Emirates ID processing.

Yes, all legal services provided by QuickPlus adhere strictly to local laws and regulations.

You can reach out to QuickPlus Amer Centre through their official contact channels, and their team of immigration specialists will assist you promptly.

While some services might require in-person visits, QuickPlus also offers various online and remote solutions, ensuring convenience for their clients.

The fees can vary based on the specifics of the business setup. It's recommended to contact QuickPlus directly for a detailed quote.

Yes, QuickPlus Amer Centre provides tailor-made corporate packages to cater to the unique needs of businesses.

The legal team at QuickPlus is seasoned, boasting years of experience in handling a plethora of legal issues, ensuring top-notch service and guidance.

The documentation varies based on the case specifics. QuickPlus experts will guide you through the necessary paperwork upon consultation.

Client confidentiality and data protection are paramount at QuickPlus. They employ advanced security measures and adhere to strict data protection regulations.

QuickPlus Amer Centre has been serving clients for years, earning their trust and reputation.

Certainly. QuickPlus has experts who specialize in labor laws and can guide clients through Tasheel and Tawjeeh services, ensuring complete understanding and compliance.

QuickPlus offers comprehensive solutions for employee visa processes, from application, sponsorship documentation to renewals, ensuring your business remains compliant with local labor regulations.

Yes, QuickPlus Amer Centre specializes in facilitating family visa applications, guiding you through the required documentation, eligibility criteria, and submission process.

Absolutely. QuickPlus provides precise translation services for legal documents, ensuring clarity and adherence to the nuances of local legal language.

While both are affiliated with government services, Tasheel focuses primarily on labor-related procedures, whereas Tawjeeh centers provide awareness and educational services about the UAE labor law. QuickPlus offers expert guidance on both.

QuickPlus provides guidance and connections for businesses seeking local sponsorship, ensuring a transparent and beneficial partnership in line with local regulations.

Yes, QuickPlus offers PRO services, handling government-related paperwork, submissions, and processes for businesses, ensuring timely and accurate task completions.

Indeed, they offer document attestation services, ensuring your documents are legally recognized and compliant with local and international standards.

QuickPlus provides tailored solutions for startups, from business registration, visa assistance, to legal consultations, ensuring a smooth beginning in the regional market.

Yes, QuickPlus provides cultural training and awareness programs, helping expatriates and businesses understand and respect local customs and business etiquettes.

Absolutely. QuickPlus offers a tracking facility for clients to stay updated on their visa application's progress and status.

QuickPlus has a dedicated team that constantly monitors regulatory changes, ensuring all their services are updated and compliant with current laws.

Yes, they offer assistance with medical insurance processing, a crucial requirement for many visa applications, ensuring swift and hassle-free visa approval.

While primarily focused on business setup and related services, QuickPlus has extensive local knowledge and can provide guidance or connect clients to reputable property consultants.

Emirates ID typically requires renewal every 2 to 3 years. QuickPlus can manage the renewal process, ensuring it's completed before expiration.

QuickPlus understands the urgency of certain situations and provides priority services for emergency immigration or legal matters.

Certainly. QuickPlus specializes in assisting international businesses in establishing their presence regionally, providing end-to-end solutions for a smooth transition.

QuickPlus has a team of legal experts experienced in labor law disputes. They offer representation, advice, and resolution strategies to address such concerns.

Yes, QuickPlus offers online consultation services, ensuring clients can access their expertise regardless of location.

Absolutely. QuickPlus provides tailor-made packages for SMEs, understanding their unique challenges and offering bundled services for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

While QuickPlus primarily focuses on the services mentioned, they have vast knowledge of the local business landscape and can provide guidance or referrals concerning tax regulations.

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