The value of the UAE e-commerce market will reach $9.2 billion in 2026, while the sector's share of total retail sales in the UAE is projected to reach 12.6 percent. 

Total e-commerce sales in the UAE recorded remarkable growth in 2021, reaching $4.8 billion. 

Undoubtedly, an E-commerce license in UAE has the highest demand. Many in the UAE are shifting from traditional to online shopping. This shift has made entrepreneurs, business owners, and traders consider setting up an eCommerce business in the UAE. You need an e-commerce license in UAE to start your business activities.

In the UAE, investors benefit from a total earnings return, numerous tax exemptions, access to resources, and much more. Launching a digital business in this area will ensure that you start with sizable profits. You can enlist the help of QuickPlus consultants, and we'll make the process of forming a company easier for you by taking proper care of all the requirements for business in the UAE.

If you are an entrepreneur wondering how to start an eCommerce business in UAE, here is what you need to do.

It may be difficult and complex to understand the fundamentals of starting an online business in the United Arab Emirates. You need to know how to obtain an e-commerce license in the UAE even before you have your goods or services ready to offer on the internet.

Here are the three types of eCommerce licenses in UAE: 

E-Trader License

You can get an e-trader license if you want to sell goods or offer your services online.

The Department of Economic Development oversees the e-trader license, which is exclusively available to nationals of the UAE and the GCC in Dubai. Only companies with a single owner are eligible for an E-trade license. You cannot operate a physical business or open a store with this license; you cannot operate a physical business or open a store.

Portal License

Another e-commerce license open to non-UAE citizens is the Portal license. With the help of a portal, you can launch an online business in the UAE that connects buyers and sellers. A listing website that offers items, services, or bookings might benefit from a portal license. When you apply for a business establishment in the mainland region, portal ownership costs are relatively low.

Virtual Company License

The Dubai Economy introduced the virtual company license, which allowed foreign investors and non-citizens of the UAE to conduct business operations in the area. However, this license is only valid for three industries: computer programming and related work, designing work, and printing and advertising-related services.

Cost of e-commerce license in UAE

Whether you intend to pursue professional or trading activity will affect the price of an e-commerce license in the UAE.

The price of an e-commerce license in the UAE will therefore vary.

For as little as AED 14,500, you may get an e-commerce license in Dubai mainland for your ideal digital business. Therefore, you should take advantage of this rich business opportunity and contact QuickPlus's business experts so they can assist you in obtaining an eCommerce license.

The most significant advantage of the free zone e-commerce license is that customs tax is completely waived. They enable investors to gain comprehensive experience in the dynamic market of the UAE with little or no further investment.

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Before moving on, consult our specialists if you have any queries or inquiries about the lowest e-commerce license in the UAE or how to launch an online store.

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