Dubai attracts thousands of global entrepreneurs, investors and professionals who want to explore business and work opportunities in this dynamic commercial hub. To travel to Dubai for such business purposes, most foreign nationals require a valid visa depending on their nationality.

This comprehensive guide details the various types of UAE business visas – their categories, eligibility processes, documents required, fees and application guidelines for aspiring expats in 2024.

Types of Dubai Business Visas and Permits

The UAE offers several categories of single-entry short term business visas as well as long term multi-entry permits connected to active companies sponsors which foreign nationals can apply:

Dubai Business Visa On Arrival

  • Short single or 14 day business stay visa

  • Issued upon arrival through airlines

  • Pre-approved electronically before travel

Dubai 96 Hour Transit Visa

  • 4 day visa for brief business meetings/travel

  • Available when transiting through Dubai

Dubai Multi Entry Business Visa

  • Long term business visa for frequent visitors

  • Valid for 6 months or 1 year durations

  • Requires company sponsor or hotel packages

Dubai Work Permit Visa

  • Long term employment residency visas

  • Need employer sponsorships and approval

So choose the right category that aligns with your objectives, budgets and durations for securing business access to Dubai as an expat.

Eligibility Criteria for Business Visas

The eligibility parameters to qualify for obtaining business travel visas to Dubai are:

Nationality - Your passport must be from countries eligible for visa on arrival or 96 hours transit schemes. Or have company sponsors if needing longer multi entry business visas.

Purpose - Visiting Dubai strictly for short term business activities like meetings, events, tradeshows etc. No remote work or employment allowed.

Accommodation - Must have booked hotel stay or temporary accommodations for the entire duration.

Onward Ticket - Confirmed return flight ticket out of Dubai mandatory.

Sufficient Funds - Proof of adequate money to finance the trip and activities as per durations.

Health Insurance - Valid international coverage health insurance.

COVID Vaccination - Full vaccination doses taken before travel.

Return Ticket - Confirmed ticket showing exit from Dubai within visa validity.

Meet the above key criteria applicable to secure short term Dubai business entry visas or work permits accordingly.

Step-by-Step Guide for Dubai Business Visa On Arrival

Citizens of over 95+ countries get free Dubai business visa on arrival valid for 30 or 90 days stay including Anglo nations, EU, Americas, Australia etc. Follow this process:

Step 1: Book accommodations in Dubai for the entire stay duration

Step 2: Get international health insurance

Step 3: Reserve return flight tickets showing exit within 30 or 90 days

Step 4: Fill online Dubai visa on arrival application form

Step 5: Submit along with passport pages, photo, accommodation proof

Step 6: Pay visa fees by credit card

Step 7: Print the visa approval letter and payment receipt

Step 8: Carry when you arrive at Dubai immigration clearance

Step 9: Get visa stamped into passport upon arrival before entering Dubai.

That’s all. The convenient visa on arrival scheme makes short business trips to Dubai seamless for eligible nationalities.

How Can I Apply for a Dubai Business Visa from India?

Indian citizens need to arrange a pre-approved 96 hour transit visa for stopover business meetings in Dubai:

Step 1: Submit online 96 hours Dubai transit visa application

Step 2: Upload passport copy, photo

Step 3: Provide confirmed ticket details showing entry and exit

Step 4: List hotel stay booking confirmation

Step 5: Purpose for brief visit

Step 6: Pay visa fees by credit card

Step 7: Print the 96 hour visa approval letter

Step 8: Fly to Dubai within validity window

Step 9 Get the pre-approved visa stamped on arriving Dubai Airport.

The swift 4 day Dubai visa allows eligible nationalities like Indians to make quick business trips even without UAE sponsors.

How Do I Get a Long Term Dubai Business Visa?

For frequent multi entry business visas valid for longer 6 or 12 month durations, you require sponsorship from a UAE registered company or purchase hotel packages:

With UAE Company Sponsor

  • Get an invitation letter from a Dubai firm

  • Submit application under their sponsorship

  • Provide trade license copies, letter

  • Takes 1-2 weeks for approval

Through Annual Hotel Packages

  • Choose hotel business visa packages

  • Bundle booking + multi entry visa

  • Flexible durations 6-12 months

  • Fast processing within days

Having UAE sponsors expedites securing renewable Dubai business visas for longer validity.

What Are the Fees for Dubai Business Visas in 2024?

The Dubai business visa fees for 2024 are:

  • 96 Hours Transit Visa - 570 AED

  • Visa on Arrival (30 Days) - Free

  • Visa On Arrival for UK/Europe (90 Days) - 640 AED

  • Multi Entry Short Term (6 Months) - 1300 AED

  • Multi Entry Long Term (1 Year) - 3000 AED

  • Service Agency Charges extra as applicable

The above costs may vary slightly depending on exchange rates and packages. Budget accordingly. Corporate sponsored visas may have additional service charges.

What Are the Standard Requirements for a Business Visa?

General requirements for a Dubai business visa application include:

  • Passport - Original with 6 months+ validity and empty pages

  • Photograph - White background, professional

  • Accommodation - Hotel stay pre-booked

  • Health Insurance - Minimum $100,000 coverage

  • Return Ticket - Confirmed flight back showing compliance

  • Bank Statements - Showing proof of sufficient funds

  • Completed Forms - Online forms with accurate details

  • COVID Vaccination - Full documentation doses

Submit all supporting documents meeting the latest requirements for successful business visa approval.

What is the Process for Dubai Work Permit Visa?

To live and be employed in Dubai long term, expats require formal work permits and employment residence visas sponsored by UAE companies which involve:

Step 1: Secure a Job Offer Letter from Dubai Company

Step 2: Get Entry Permit Approval from Immigration

Step 3: Entry Stamping on Arrival Dubai Airport

Step 4: Residence Stamping After Medical Tests

Step 5: Apply for Emirates ID Card + Other Activation

It takes 3-4 weeks from job offer to getting issued formal Dubai employment residence permits allowing foreign workforce to stay long term.


Dubai offers convenient business visa options for foreign entrepreneurs, investors and professionals seeking to enter the UAE either for short term meetings or long term work purposes. By selecting the right category and fulfilling the required criteria around valid passports, confirmed return tickets, hotel bookings and travel insurance – applicants can seamlessly avail visas on arrival valid for few days or multi entry permits for frequent business trips valid up to 1 year. For establishing permanent residence, expats need formal employment approval through companies sponsoring work permits. Check requirements for latest processes, documents and fees to make your Dubai business visa application smooth and successful.

Key Takeaways

  • Short term Dubai business visas include 96 Hours Transit Visa, Visa on Arrival for 30-90 days stay

  • Long term visas need local sponsors like companies, valid 6-12 months

  • Eligibility requires confirmed return tickets, hotel bookings, travel insurance

  • Fees from 570 AED for 96 Hours to 3000 AED for 1 year multi entry

  • Formal Dubai work permits need employing company's sponsorship

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum duration Dubai business visa I can get without a sponsor?

A: You can get the 30 Days Visa on Arrival or 96 Hours Transit Visa for brief trips without needing any sponsor. For longer 6-12 months multi entry business visa, having UAE host sponsors is mandatory.

Q: Can I do remote work or employment activities on a Dubai business visa?

A: No, business visas strictly prohibit remote working or taking up employment in UAE. You must enter only for short term meetings, events or commercial discussions without doing active economic activities.

Q: How much funds do I need to show in bank statements for a Dubai business visa?

A: Recommended is to display adequate funds - having 5,000-7,000 AED in savings balances per month of planned stay as sufficient means. Minimum is 2,000 AED if stay duration is less.

Q: Can I enter Dubai on a business visa and look for jobs?

A: Legally jobs search or employment interviews are not allowed on Dubai business visas. You can however evaluate market, connect with a few potential recruiters but cannot undertake any economic activities or full time work.

Q: Will I need health insurance when traveling to Dubai on a business visa from UK?

A: Yes, having international travel health insurance covering UAE with minimum $100,000 coverage is mandatory as per recent rules even for British citizens entering Dubai on short term business visas.

Q: How long before my trip should I apply for a 96 hours Dubai transit visa?

A: Recommended is to complete online application at least 4-5 working days before your travel dates for 96 hours Dubai transit visa. This allows sufficient processing time for approvals after submission.

Q: Can I sponsor my family or rent an apartment on a multi entry Dubai business visa?

A: No, normal business visas of any category do not allow you to sponsor dependents or rent apartments in Dubai. Approvals apply for your entry permission only.

Q: Are COVID vaccination certificates mandatory for getting Dubai business visa?

A: Yes, as per latest Dubai entry rules - having full vaccination doses documentation is compulsory for approval of all categories of visas including 96 hours transit, visa on arrival and multi entry business permits.

Q: How can I renew my Dubai multi entry business visa for another term?

A: You can request your sponsor company or hotel package provider to initiate renewal application few weeks before current visa expiration based on your continued business needs and requirements in Dubai.

Q: Can I cross into other Emirates like Abu Dhabi on a Dubai issued business visa?

A: Dubai issued 96 hours transit visa or tourist visas allow you to visit all other Emirates. But for multi entry business visas, additional approvals may be needed for entering areas outside Dubai if planning to meet clients there. Check with your sponsor.

Q: Are there any special Dubai business visas available for attending events like Expo 2020?

A: Yes, during Expo 2020 - UAE immigration had provided special category business visas valid for 60 days as well as reduced visa fees targeted towards exhibitors, attendees visiting the Dubai Expo during that 6 month period specifically.

Q: How can I evaluate whether to choose Visa on Arrival vs Dubai 96 hours transit visa?

A: Check if your nationality is eligible for the 30 day Visa on Arrival option first - as its simpler and allows longer stay. If unavailable, then apply for 96 hours Dubai transit visa based on your upcoming trip requirements.

Q: Which nationalities get Dubai visa on arrival?

A: Over 95+ nationalities spanning USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc. get 30 or 90 days Dubai visas on arrival including Anglo nations, GCC, Japanese, Swiss citizens etc.

Q: Can I get a Dubai business visa if my passport has less than 6 months validity?

A: Generally for any category of Dubai visa, having passport valid for at least extra 6 months from date of application is mandatory. You may need to renew passport first before applying in such cases.

Q: How long can I stay outside UAE on a multiple entry 12 month business visa?

A: You can exit and re-enter Dubai multiple times up to maximum 6 months continuously on a 12 month multiple entry permit before it gets cancelled automatically if stay outside exceeds that duration consecutively.

Q: Can I switch jobs if working on 3 year Dubai employment visa sponsored by an employer?

A: No, your work permit and residence is tied to sponsor company. To change jobs, new employer has to initiate fresh visa cancellation and permits as per standard Dubai immigration transfer processes.