If you plan to visit or reside in Sharjah, the beautiful emirate in the United Arab Emirates, it is crucial to be aware of the rules and regulations concerning visa durations and overstays. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the topic of overstay fines in Sharjah, shedding light on the applicable penalties for individuals who exceed their permitted stay in the emirate. Understanding these fines will help you avoid any legal complications during your stay in Sharjah.

Understanding Overstay in Sharjah

Sharjah, like many other countries, has strict immigration rules that must be adhered to by all visitors and residents. The UAE authorities have established clear guidelines for visas, and overstaying beyond the permitted duration is not taken lightly. Whether you are on a tourist, business, or resident visa, it is essential to know the consequences of overstaying.

The Overstay Fine Structure

The overstay fines in Sharjah are calculated on a daily basis, meaning the longer you overstay, the more significant the fine becomes. The penalties are subject to change, so it is advisable to verify the latest information with official sources or relevant government departments.

The overstay fines are generally as follows:

Overstay Duration Fine per day (AED)
Up to 14 days 200
15 - 30 days 300
More than 30 days 500

It is important to note that the fines mentioned above are standard for Sharjah, but they may vary depending on the specific circumstances and visa type.

Consequences of Overstaying

Overstaying in Sharjah can lead to various repercussions, extending beyond fines. Some of the potential consequences include:

  1. Additional Legal Actions: If caught overstaying, you may face legal actions, deportation, and bans on reentering the UAE in the future.

  2. Visa Blacklisting: Overstaying can result in your name being blacklisted in the UAE immigration system, which can hinder your future travel or work prospects in the country.

  3. Inability to Sponsor: Overstaying can impact your ability to sponsor family members or employees for visas.

  4. Difficulty in Bank Transactions: Your bank accounts may be frozen if you are flagged as an overstayer.

Exceptions to Overstay Fines

While the overstay fines apply to most cases, there are certain situations where individuals might be exempt from these penalties. Some of the exceptions include:

  • Grace Periods: In some cases, the UAE government may grant a short grace period to exit the country without incurring penalties.

  • Medical Emergencies: If you have a legitimate medical emergency preventing you from leaving the country on time, you should contact the authorities to explain your situation.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways to remember about overstay fines in Sharjah:

  1. Overstaying in Sharjah incurs daily fines, and the penalties increase with the duration of the overstay.

  2. The standard fine structure is AED 200 per day for the first 14 days, AED 300 per day for the following 15 to 30 days, and AED 500 per day for overstays exceeding 30 days.

  3. Overstaying can lead to legal actions, deportation, blacklisting, and difficulties in sponsoring visas or conducting bank transactions.

  4. In exceptional circumstances, individuals might be exempt from overstay fines, such as during grace periods or medical emergencies.


Understanding the overstay fines in Sharjah is crucial for anyone planning to visit or reside in this beautiful emirate. Complying with visa regulations and leaving the country within the permitted duration will help you avoid legal troubles and enjoy a smooth experience during your stay in Sharjah. Always ensure you are up-to-date with the latest immigration rules and consult official sources for the most accurate information.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I pay the overstay fines at the airport when I leave Sharjah?
A: Yes, in most cases, you can pay the fines at the airport before departing.

Q: Are there any exceptions for minors overstaying in Sharjah?
A: Minors are also subject to overstay fines, and there are no specific exceptions based on age.

Q: Can I extend my visa without incurring overstay fines?
A: It is essential to renew or extend your visa before it expires to avoid any overstay fines.

Q: Is there a grace period for overstays in Sharjah?
A: While there might be a short grace period in some cases, it is best not to rely on it and adhere to your visa's validity.

Q: Can I leave and re-enter Sharjah to reset the overstay duration?
A: Leaving and re-entering Sharjah to reset the overstay duration is not recommended, as it might lead to further complications.

Q: Can I appeal the overstay fine if I had a genuine reason for overstaying?
A: It is possible to appeal in certain circumstances, but the decision lies with the immigration authorities.

Q: What happens if I cannot pay the overstay fines immediately?
A: Failure to pay the fines may result in additional legal actions and difficulties in future visits to the UAE.

Q: Can I check my overstay fine status online?
A: Yes, you can check your overstay fine status through the official UAE government portals.

Q: Can my employer assist me in resolving overstay fines?
A: Employers may offer guidance, but ultimately, the responsibility lies with the individual to settle the fines.

Q: Are there any discounts for settling overstay fines early?
A: As of the last update, there were no specific discounts for early settlement of overstay fines.

Q: What happens if I mistakenly overstay by a day or two?
A: Even minor overstays are subject to fines, so it is crucial to be mindful of your visa expiration date.

Q: Can I exit Sharjah and return on a new visa after overstaying?
A: Departing and returning on a new visa is possible, but it is essential to follow the proper visa procedures.

Q: Will I receive any official notice for overstay fines?
A: In some cases, you may receive an official notice about the fines, but it is not guaranteed.

Q: Can I pay the overstay fines through online banking?
A: Yes, some government portals allow online payment of overstay fines.

Q: Do I need a lawyer to resolve overstay fines?
A: While it is not mandatory, consulting with a lawyer might be beneficial in complex cases.

Q: Can I extend my visa while I am in Sharjah?
A: It is possible to extend certain types of visas within the UAE, but the process should be initiated before the current visa expires.

Q: Can I enter Sharjah on a new visa immediately after overstaying?
A: Some individuals might face a ban from reentering the UAE for a specific period after overstaying.

Q: Are there any exceptions for humanitarian cases regarding overstay fines?
A: Humanitarian cases may be considered on a case-by-case basis, but it is essential to contact the relevant authorities.

Q: What happens if my visa is cancelled while I am in Sharjah?
A: If your visa is cancelled, you will typically have a short grace period to leave the country without incurring overstay fines.

Q: Can I exit Sharjah from a different UAE emirate to avoid overstay fines?
A: Exiting from a different emirate does not exempt you from overstay fines, as they are applied across the entire UAE.