Dubai is one of the most popular places in the world to start and grow a business. Its free trade zones, business-friendly government policies, strong infrastructure and connectivity to global markets make it an attractive location for entrepreneurs and investors. Many people dream of starting a business in Dubai but may hesitate due to the perceived high costs and regulatory requirements of establishing a physical office presence.

The good news is that it is entirely possible to start and officially register a business in Dubai without having a dedicated office space. The exact requirements may vary depending on your specific business activities, but here is an overview of how you can legally set up a business without renting an office in Dubai.

Types of Businesses That Don't Require Office Space

Certain types of businesses are well suited to operate without a physical office:

  • E-commerce and online businesses
  • Freelance services (writing, design, programming etc.)
  • Consulting services
  • Home-based personal services (tutoring, fitness coaching etc.)

Essentially, if your business interacts with clients primarily online and does not require meeting them face-to-face on a regular basis, you likely do not need commercial office space.

Business Setup Options Without Office

You have a few options to legally establish your business in Dubai if you don’t plan on having a permanent commercial office space:

1. Register for a Flexi Desk Permit

A flexi desk permit allows you to legally register your business under a shared office license. This means dozens or even hundreds of businesses share the same commercial office license without each renting their own office.

The provider takes care of visa processing, licensing and other regulatory requirements so you can focus on your business. Prices start from around AED 8,500 per year.

2. Use a Third-Party Agent Office Address

Another option is using the business address of an official agent registered in Dubai as your company's address. There are many professional agencies that legally provide their address and offer a virtual office and mailbox rental service.

They will handle all paperwork and liaise with authorities on your behalf. Costs start from approximately AED 2,000 per year.

3. Register for a Freezone License

Dubai’s free zones allow 100% foreign ownership and do not impose taxes on corporate income or profits. Some of them, such as the UAQ free zone, allow license holders to operate without having leased office space.

You still need a local service agent for visa processing and managing your license. Fees vary across free zones but expect to pay AED 10,000+ per year.

Running a Business Without Physical Premises

Once you’ve registered your company legally using one of the above options, you’re free to operate your business activities without dedicated office space. Here are some tips:

  • Work from home: Using your villa or apartment as a home office is cost-efficient. Having fast, reliable internet is essential.
  • Use co-working spaces: They provide desk space, meeting rooms and amenities to members. Great for networking and flexibility.
  • Meet at clients’ offices/neutral locations: For any necessary in-person meetings. Most restaurants and cafés also have WiFi and are suitable for quick meetings.
  • Leverage online tools: Platforms like Slack, Trello and Asana enable smooth collaboration across remote teams. Used correctly, technology can replace physical workspaces.
  • Travel frequently: Particularly if you have a service-based business, you can travel abroad for meetings and temporarily rent desk space in other countries as and when required.

The key is keeping overheads low, maximizing profits and making smart use of technology to efficiently deliver your products or services to customers. With some creative thinking, you can build a successful Dubai business without expensive permanent office space.

Key Takeaway: Yes, you can start a legitimate business in Dubai without having a dedicated commercial office. Options include flexi desk permits, virtual offices, freezone licenses and running operations from home/co-working spaces/neutral locations by leveraging online tools. With the right setup focused on keeping overheads minimal, your Dubai business can thrive even without physical premises.


Renting an office, while encouraged by authorities, is ultimately not mandatory to start and grow an official business in Dubai if your activities allow you to engage clients primarily online. As Dubai’s economy continues its rapid digitization, location-independent businesses founded on smart use of technology have the potential to be highly scalable and profitable if executed correctly. By registering through a flexi desk permit, using an agent’s address or securing a freezone license, entrepreneurs can launch unique startups in Dubai without expensive long-term leases. However, working without an office still requires carefully following regulations and using creative solutions to operate efficiently.


What are the benefits of starting a business in Dubai?

Dubai offers numerous benefits for entrepreneurs looking to start a business, including excellent infrastructure, a competitive tax regime, relaxed foreign ownership laws, access to global markets, availability of funds and financing options, an open and skilled workforce, among other advantages.

What are the steps to start a business in Dubai?

The typical steps are: choose a location/ Emirate and business activity, choose a legal form of your business (LLC, sole proprietorship etc.), obtain approvals from relevant authorities if required, find office/retail space if needed, apply for trade license, obtain immigration card if founder living in UAE, apply for establishment card, open a business bank account, register for taxes, process visas if hiring employees.

Can I get a investor visa if I start business in Dubai?

Yes, the Dubai government offers long-term residence visas to investors and business owners under its long-term residency programs. For example, investors who own/partner in successful startups or small companies with AED 500,000+ capital can apply for a 5-year investor visa, renewable in some cases.

What legal permissions do I need to run consultancy in Dubai?

To run a consultancy business legally in Dubai’s mainland (not free zones), you need to register for a trade license, get establishment card verification, open a business bank account and register for VAT tax and EMIRATES ID if residing in UAE. Relevant degrees/ experience may need attesting for some specialized consulting activities.

Do I need a local sponsor to open a company in Dubai?

On Dubai’s mainland, to register a Limited Liability Company (LLC) foreign investors/founders require a local sponsor who is a UAE national and holds 51% ownership in the company. However, Dubai’s free zones allow 100% foreign ownership of a business without a local partner.

Can I get Dubai business license without office?

Yes, through options like flexi desk permits, virtual offices, using an agent’s legal address on your license or registering in certain free zones like UAQ that allow license holders to operate without permanent leased office premises. You still need to appoint a local services agent for managing your license and visa requirements.

Do all businesses in Dubai need Ejari contract?

No, Ejari contracts are mandatory only if your mainland Dubai business trade license mentions leasing of a physical office or retail space. Businesses with flexi desk permits, virtual office addresses, freelance licenses etc do not require an Ejari contract. However, free zone companies also need to register their leased premises via their free zone authority.

Can I get a Dubai business license from my home country?

No, to formally register and operate any business based in Dubai you are required to be physically present to complete all legal paperwork and license registration in the UAE. The authorities do not issue Dubai business licenses to overseas applicants without them first entering Dubai to establish the company legally.

Do I need a university degree to own a business in Dubai?
While there is no mandatory requirement as such, having a university degree relevant to your industry and getting it attested can boost chances of visa and trade license approval for specialized fields. But many successful entrepreneurs launch startups in Dubai without a degree. Technical skills, expertise, business plan and funding sources tend to matter more.

Can I get a 10 year Business visa in Dubai?
Yes, Dubai offers 10-year business/investor residency visas to founders of startups registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED) that generate high annual revenues, employ certain number of Emiratis, engage in R&D, earn IP income etc. Some free zones also offer 10 year visas. Renewal chances depend on maintaining eligibility criteria.

How much money do I need to start business in Dubai?
The total capital requirements vary across different types of businesses. But generally, for mainland LLC you may require AED ~150k-300k. For E-trader license or certain free zones, you can start with as low as AED 7-10k. Having enough capital to cover business setup costs plus approx. one year operating expenses is recommended before launching your Dubai business.

What are the best small businesses to start in Dubai?
Some of the most lucrative and scalable small business opportunities in Dubai currently are related to e-commerce, IT, fintech, logistics, food & beverages, digital marketing, business consultancy, blockchain, events, tourism & hospitality services among others. You can launch innovative startups in these thriving sectors.

Can Dubai free zone company do business in mainland?
Yes. Dubai free zone companies can conduct business on the mainland by simply appointing a local service agent (LSA) to facilitate this. The LSA acts as your legal representative. Many free zones themselves offer registered LSAs. With an LSA, free zone firms can seamlessly work with clients based across the UAE.

Can I register a startup in Dubai?
Yes. Dubai offers an excellent environment for startup and growth-stage entrepreneurs. You can easily register your innovative startup on the Dubai mainland under the Department of Economic Development or in a specialized free zone based on your industry and preferred incentives. Government backed accelerators like Area 2071 also support promising startups.